SpecChem supplies and services the concrete distributor network with quality construction chemicals that provide performance and value to the industry. SpecChem emphasizes distributor profitability through innovative programs and quality products with a new and higher level of service that our customers deserve in today’s marketplace.
We offer a full line of Liquid Technologies including: Form Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Finishing Aids, Cure & Hardeners, Bondbreakers, Sealers, Bonding Agents and Surface Retarders. Additionally, we have a quality Epoxy Adhesive line, and we have a comprehensive line of Cementitous Grouts and Repair Products.
A leading edge technology SpecChem E-Cure is a clear, water based curing compound developed to cure concrete as well as resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives.
Reaxion W.B.
Environmentally safe Form Release Additive. Designed to condition, clean and protect concrete forms as well has enhance day to day field performance.
AIA Masterspec & DOT Approvals
SpecChem has been included in AIA Masterspec & has many new DOT Approvals. Check with your SpecChem sales professional for details.
SpecTilt WB
Award winning performance. Read about it here.