Decorative Concrete Sealers

Decorative Concrete is one of the most exciting – and growing – segments in concrete. It’s where craftsmanship and creativity meet to offer opportunities utilizing stamped concrete, acid stains, dyes, exposed aggregate, and more, in projects ranging from architectural surfaces, to commercial flooring to a variety of residential applications. 

The SpecChem line of products, centered on our decorative concrete sealers, was formulated for professionals who are serious about the beautification, protection, and restoration of decorative concrete surfaces. 

Decorative Concrete Sealing Products

Our line features concrete sealers, evaporation retardants, surface retarders, water repellents, cures and sealers and cures and hardeners – for all of your decorative concrete needs. We have nationwide distribution through an extensive network of distributors, and strive to offer the best service and support in the industry.

Decorative Concrete Sealing Sealers Products Glaze and Seal

Aqua ShineHigh-solids water-based acrylic sealer
A water-based, methacrylate sealer developed for interior and exterior applications, such as exposed aggregate, natural stone, brick, quarry tile, terrazzo, and other concrete surfaces. 

Deco ShineHigh-gloss protective exterior sealer
A methacrylate sealer developed specifically for exterior applications, including exposed aggregate, and other decorative concrete surfaces. 

Crystal Shine – High-gloss lacquer-based sealer
A lacquer sealer developed for interior and exterior applications, including exposed aggregate and other decorative concrete surfaces. 

SpecShield WB – Silane-siloxane water-based penetrating sealer
A 100% reactive, waterborne silane-siloxane sealer. This clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent is designed for use on interior and exterior above grade concrete and masonry surfaces.  

LithSeal SCLithium silicate concrete sealer/densifier
A premium lithium silicate sealer/densifier for concrete surfaces, developed to deeply penetrate and react with cured concrete. 

SpecGuardHigh-gloss concrete protectant/polish
Innovative chemistry that contains water-based polymeric protectant that improves the appearance and durability of concrete floors. 

SpecHardWater-based siliconate sealer/densifier
A water-based, odorless siliconate and silicate solution, formulated to penetrate freshly poured or existing concrete. 

Decorative Concrete Sealing & Curing Applications 

  • Residential and commercial concrete applications
  • New and existing concrete
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Stained concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Polished concrete
  • Driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways
  • Concrete pool decks

Glaze and Seal Decorative stamped stained concrete sealer sealing

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