SpecSilane 40 WB

40% solids water based penetrating silane sealer

A 40% solids, 100% reactive, waterborne silane sealer. This clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent is designed for use on interior and exterior above grade concrete or masonry surfaces. SpecSilane 40 WB penetrates the surface and bonds directly with the substrate, which results in a surface that is highly resistant to both moisture and salt. SpecSilane 40 WB helps protect concrete and masonry surfaces, decks, pavements, parking structures, ramps, bridges, marine platforms etc. against the corrosive effects of de-icing salts, moisture and weathering to prevent spalling and deterioration of concrete structures. V.O.C. compliant.

Provides excellent chloride screen
Excellent water repellency while maintaining breathability
V.O.C compliant – water-based
Reduces the effects of freeze-thaw cycling and weathering on concrete structures
Long-lasting protections for new as well as old concrete surfaces
Dries tack-free and skid resistant
Colorless and non-yellowing

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