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SpecTech: Product Storage & Shelf Life Guidelines



Product Storage & Shelf Life Guidelines

Proper storage and protection is required to attain the maximum shelf life
and performance from SpecChem products.

The following products must be protected against freezing temperatures (below 32° F):

All Expoxy Products LithSeal SC SpecHard
All Acrylic Bonding Agents Pave Cure Rez Spec-O-Lith
Aqua Shine Pave Cure Rez White SpecPrep SB
Bio Strip WB Pace Cure WW SpecPrime
Crystal Rez Rapid Flex CJ SpecRez
Cure & Seal WB SC Cure 500 SpecShield WB
Cure & Seal WB 25 SpecBlast SpecSilane 100
Cure & Seal WB 30 SpecCity White SpecSilane 20 WB
Cure Hard SpecEtch SpecSilane 40 WB
Dry-Deck WB SpecEtch Deep SpecStrip WB
Duo Patch Admix SpecFilm Concentrate SpecTilt WB
E-Cure SpecFilm RTU Surface Shine WB
Form Seasoning WB SpecGuard  

When properly stored, SpecChem Products will perform as designed throughout the warranted shelf life period noted below or product will be replaced free of charge.

1 Year Shelf Life 2 Year Shelf Life
Water Based Form Release Agents Oil Based Form Release Agents
Water Based Cure & Seals Solvent Based Bondbreakers
Water Based Resin Cures Citrus Cleaners
Acrylic Bonding Agents Solvent Based Cure & Seals
Water Based Sealers All 100% Solid Epoxies
Evaporation Retardants Sodium Silicates/Siliconate Hardeners
Pave Cure Emulsion Products Evaporation Retardants (Concentrate)
Surface Retarders  
Cementitious Products  

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