Friday, May. 26th 2017

Amazon Warehouse Project: 1.14 Million Square Feet

Nothing more rewarding than seeing a project of this magnitude come together utilizing so many of our products. 

From our ASTM C-309 compliant water-based Cure & Seal WB for the exterior paving to to our reactive SpecTilt WB bondbreaker… and everything in between. This 1.14 millions square foot Perryville, MD Amazon warehouse project by PA contractor Conewago Enterprises featured the following concrete construction chemical products from SpecChem:

Amazon Warehouse specchem concrete floor

For more info on any of our SpecChem concrete construction chemicals, epoxies, or repair mortar products, please send us a note through our contact form, or simply call us directly. We look forward to answering your questions and providing a solution to your concrete construction needs. 

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