Friday, Aug. 17th 2018

August 2018 SpecTech: Control Joints – Tips & Coverage

In this SpecTech we share coverage rates for our joint fillers, Rapid Flex CJ and SpecPoxy CJ, along with a few basic tips to help ensure successful installation of your concrete control joints.


Before Filling Your Concrete Control Joints:

Joint Preparation:

  • Joints should be cleaned back to bare concrete, faces must have an open surface texture, and edges must be clean and squared. 
  • Joints to be filled must be clean, dry, and free of any dirt, oil, debris, or anything else that may inhibit bonding. Use a vacuum and oil-free compressed air to remove any additional dust and debris just prior to filling.

Installation Tips:

  • SpecChem joint filler products should be filled to full joint depth.
  • Overfill joints and shave smoothly as early as 15 minutes after application for Rapid Flex CJ, and up to 24 hours later for SpecPoxy CJ, depending on variables such jobsite conditions, concrete or ambient temperatures.
  • Installing joint filler should take place as late as possible (60-90) days following slab placement) to maximize shrinkage of the slab, per ACI 302. 

joint filler coverage

Have questions? Learn more about SpecChem’s specialty epoxies and polyurea products here. Or simply contact your local SpecChem Sales Representative with questions on how our joint fillers can add value to distributors, contractors, specifiers and project owners alike.

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