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August 2019 SpecTech – Step-by-Step: Repairing deep or severely spalled joints with SpecPoxy CJ

Spalled Joint Repair (Severe/Deep – Up to 4” in Width) Using SpecPoxy CJ Mixed With Dry Sand

Check out our Step-by-Step instructions below for repairing deep or severely spalled joints with SpecPoxy CJ, our 100% solids, two component, semi-rigid epoxy designed especially for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors, mixed with dry sand. 

SpecPoxy CJ is formulated to support joint edges and reduce spalling of edges caused by wheel traffic. SpecPoxy CJ has been designed for use in compliance with ACI 302, section 4.10 recommendations for epoxy joint fillers used in sawcut/control joints. 

Spalled Joint Repair: Step-By-Step

SpecPoxy CJ is USDA-accepted, making it authorized for use in federally inspected meat & poultry plants. It also complies with ACI 302 guidelines for “Epoxy Joint Filler” and is VOC-compliant

Download PDF version:

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