Concrete Repair Products

Concrete is among the strongest, longest lasting, and most durable of our available building materials. However, its exposure to the elements still leaves it susceptible to deterioration over time, creating the need for innovative repair and restoration applications – and high performance concrete repair products engineered to support them.  

Our SpecChem system of concrete repair and restoration products is formulated for professionals who are serious about the repair, stabilization, restoration and strengthening of their concrete projects. 

Concrete Repair & Restoration Products

Our full line of professional concrete repair and restoration products features cementitious concrete patching and repair mortars – for all horizontal, vertical, and overhead needs –  along with self-leveling underlayments, polishable overlays, grouts, epoxies, and more. We have numerous stocking distributors nationwide, and strive to offer the best service and support in the industry.


Duo Patch – Two-component, polymer-modified concrete repair mortar
An easy to use, trowelable structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for use in horizontal, form and pour and – when mixed to a stiffer consistency – vertical and overhead applications. 

RepCon® 928 – Rapid hardening, single-component, fiber reinforced structural repair mortar
A polymer-modified, fiber reinforced, rapid-setting concrete repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for use on concrete floors, highway pavements, bridge decks, and other applications requiring early resumption of traffic or use. 

RepCon® V/O– Single-component, polymer-modified, fiber reinforced concrete repair mortar
An easy to finish, single-component concrete repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for use in a variety of vertical and overhead concrete repair applications. 

SpecPatch – General purpose concrete repair mortar
A general purpose concrete repair mortar for concrete floors, walls, precast, tilt-up, and masonry surfaces. 

SpecFlow – Premium self-leveling cement-based underlayment
A cement-based, non-shrinking, self-leveling floor underlayment designed for interior use. This single component product produces a smooth subfloor that will accept floor coverings in a s little as 12-18 hours after installation. 

Final Finish™ Ultra-fine, rapid hardening, polymer-modified concrete resurfacer
A one-component, rapid hardening, polymer-modified concrete resurfacing mortar used for smoothing, resurfacing, rubbing and restoring concrete surfaces. 

Concrete Repair & Restoration Applications 

  • Structural horizontal concrete patching and repair
  • Structural vertical and overhead concrete repair
  • Concrete surface renovation
  • Concrete bonding and anchoring
  • Buildings, parking garages, and tunnels
  • Concrete Pavement
  • Concrete toppings and overlay
  • Concrete underlayment
  • Bridges


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Repair Mortar Selection Chart

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