Monday, Jun. 21st 2021

Construction Season is Heating Up – Tips on Warm Weather Construction

Construction season is heating up and temperatures are starting to rise for many of you, making it a great time to remind you of some of the challenges – and accompanying solutions – that come with placing concrete and SpecChem repair mortars in hot weather situations.

Guidelines for Placing Concrete in Less Than Ideal Temperatures:

  • Start the project in the early morning to avoid direct sunlight and higher temperatures
  • Protect and store products, tools, and equipment in cooler temperatures; avoiding direct sunlight
  • Cold water can be used to allow adequate work time and to mix the products – this will allow the product to achieve higher strengths more quickly, reducing the window for potential dehydration
  • Apply SpecFilm to the surface, if appropriate
  • After final finishing, apply a concrete curing compound to improve concrete hydration, offer protection, and improve general durability
  • Cooling should be accomplished by indirect exposure – do not blow cold air directly onto newly placed concrete or repair mortar surfaces.

Warm Weather Product Spotlight: SpecFilm
SpecFilm is engineered as a pre-cure evaporation retardant and finishing aid. When sprayed over fresh concrete, SpecFilm – available ready-to-use or in a concentrate form – protects concrete from moisture loss caused by wind and sun, ensuring an even set across the whole concrete pour – ideal for concrete subjected to high temperatures.
For more information on concreting in warmer-than-optimal weather, please reach out to your SpecChem Sales Professional with any questions or for more info

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