Cure Shield WB

One step, low VOC Cure & Seal containing Silane

Cure Shield WB is a unique solvent-based blend of silane and pure non-yellowing, acrylic copolymers designed to cure, seal, harden and dustproof fresh concrete and provide additional protection to existing concrete.

Cure Shield WB provides a non-yellowing, clear film that effectively cures and protects fresh concrete. In addition to forming an effective film-forming curing and sealing compound, it also contains silane. Silane penetrates the fresh concrete and provides protection against spalling and deterioration of concrete structures caused by deicing salts.

Cure Shield WB can be applied to fresh concrete unlike other siloxane, silane type products and also meets ASTM C309 and 1315 curing standards.

Cure Shield WB penetrates the surface and bonds directly with the substrate, which results in a surface that is highly resistant to moisture and salt.


• Cure, seal, and protect fresh concrete
• Meets ASTM C 309/1315 Type 1, Class A.
curing standards
• Non-yellowing
• Ready to use
• Meets VOC emission requirements for
curing and sealing compounds
• Easy Application with sprayer or roller


• Exterior or interior concrete surfaces
• Parking decks
• Walls and columns
• Can be applied to fresh concrete
• Sidewalks & exterior concrete paving
• Distribution warehouse truck aprons
• Exterior sidewalks & walkways
• Concrete paving & parking lots

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