Wednesday, Aug. 23rd 2017

Concrete Densifiers & Hardeners: “Demystified” in Aug/Sept Concrete Contractor Magazine

Our very own Michael LeMark, Executive Vice President, was a guest contributor for Concrete Contractor Magazine / ForConstructionPros.com in the August/September. 

Densifiers Demystified was written to address some of the unknowns around the use of concrete densifiers, the reason for the rising trend in densifier usage, along with some of the key benefits, application tips, and more.  

If you don’t receive the Concrete Contractor Magazine hard copy publication (you can fix that HERE), be sure and check out the link here at ForConstructionPros.com

There are also a few remaining ATS AIA accreditation event dates still open to see Michael LeMark speak about densifiers and the polished concrete process, as well as a feature session at the Concrete Polishing & Staining Expo coming up on October 6th, where Michael will be covering compatible concrete cures, liquid densifiers and stain resistant concrete sealers, along with treatments for new and existing polished concrete surfaces, key features of polishable overlays, how to incorporate color in both existing and retrofitted/old concrete floors, and more. 

For more information on our concrete densifiers, hardeners, and other related products, check out these product links: 

lithium densifier

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