EZ Clean & Release

Multi-purpose form treatment

EZ CLEAN & RELEASE is a ready-to-use highly reactive petroleum mixture that, when properly applied to concrete forms with concrete build-up, will soften the hardened concrete and “self-clean” as the forms are stripped.

Features & Benefits

  • Softens buildup when applied to forms in storage
  • Use of EZ Clean & Release does not require aluminum forms to be re-seasoned after use
  • Use of EZ Clean & Release is less damaging to forms than sandblasting, acid cleaning, or scraping
  • Acts as a cleaner and form release to remove scum and build-up without taking your concrete forms out of service
  • Softened buildup is easily removed using a power washer (Excessive hardened buildup may require repeated use to soften it enough for power washing.)
  • Reduces concrete buildup when applied immediately after form removal by chemically reacting with the fresh concrete to prevent further hardening while also slowly softening existing hardened concrete buildup

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