Liquid Hardeners

Our premium line of liquid hardeners and guards were created to provide the ultimate in densifying, hardening and protection for your concrete surfaces. Floors in factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, breweries, food processing plants, service garages, and more will last longer, cost less to maintain, and resist dusting for years after application.

Cure Hard

Sodium silicate cure & dustproofer

A spray applied concrete cure, hardener and dustproofer. 



LithSeal Lite

Low-solids lithium silicate concrete sealer/densifier

An economical lithium silicate sealer/densifier for concrete surfaces. 



LithSeal SC

Lithium silicate concrete sealer/densifier

A premium lithium-silicate sealer/densifier for concrete surfaces. 




Liquid fluosilicate hardener concentrate

A water-based solution of fluosilicates, formulated to harden and dustproof concrete floors and improve the wearing characteristics of new or aged concrete and terrazzo. 



High gloss concrete protectant/polish

A multi-component, water-based polymeric protectant that improves the appearance and durability of concrete floors. 



Water-based siliconate sealer/densifier

Is a proprietary, colorless chemical solution that increases the wear surface strength of concrete floors subjected to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 

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