Tuesday, Oct. 22nd 2019

Max-A-Patch ACP: SpecChem’s Asphalt Cold Patch is Now NCDOT Approved

We’re excited to announce that our high-performance asphalt cold patch, Max-A-Patch ACP, from our new Max-A-Guard line of Asphalt Patching, Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing products, is now certified and approved for use by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Max-A-Patch ACP is a high-quality, pre-mixed, all-weather, permanent asphalt cold patch, and the right choice for all types of pavement repair jobs, such as potholes, wide cracks, or ruts, and can be done in minutes and in any type of weather.

For more info on the features and benefits of our easy-to-apply all-weather asphalt patch, visit our Max-A-Patch ACP product page. For more on our full line of innovative asphalt patching, waterproofing & damp-proofing products, check out our category page

Have questions about any of our asphalt and pavement repair and protection products? Give us a call at (816) 968-5600 or contact your local sales representative

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