Pave Cure Rez

High-solids water-emulsified, resin-based concrete curing compound

When properly applied, Pave Cure Rez forms a continuous membrane that controls curing for strong and durable concrete.

Pave Cure Rez meets maximum VOC content limits of 350 g/L for Concrete Curing Compounds as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule.

Pave Cure Rez is ideal for application on exterior, horizontal surfaces such as highways, airports, streets, and curb paving applications when proper curing and membrane dissipation is required.

Features & Benefits

  • VOC-compliant
  • White when applied – dries to an amber color
  • Standard Type 1D (Type 1 “No Dye” is available)
  • Dissipates when exposed to weathering and UV
  • Improves durability; proper curing will increase the long life of concrete
  • Reduces shrinkage; retains moisture to reduce “plastic shrinkage cracks”
  • Enhances performance; increases compressive strength and wear resistance

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