Por-Rok® Aqua Plug

Rapid Setting Cement Based Hydraulic Cement

POR-ROK® AQUA PLUG is quick sets in 3-5 minutes to stop pressure leaks in concrete and masonry surfaces.
This rapid set allows POR-ROK® AQUA PLUG to bond mechanically and chemically to saturated surfaces.

• Stops Streaming Leaks in Concrete
• Anchors Bolts and Rods
• Seals Cracks and Floor and Wall Junctions

Features & Benefits

• Non-Metallic, Non Rusting
• Fast Setting
• Stops water leaks under pressure
• Easy to mix
• Single component
• Expands as it sets
• Waterproof
• Chloride and metal free mortar
• Can be shaved and molded to desired contour
• Once set, AQUA PLUG is resistant to hydrostatic pressure

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