Wednesday, Oct. 5th 2016

Share the Success – INOVA Dry Creek


Share the Success

INOVA Dry Creek
55,500 square feet of panels cast with SpecTilt 100!

All-Phase Concrete Construction, Inc. presented a challenging tilt panel project. The contractor was tasked with placing and tilting 5-story panels on site. The lower panels were 62 feet, with the 5th level averaging another 18 feet.

SpecChem provided the optimal solution, a system consisting of a bondbreaker and a curing compound, to meet the demanding requirements called for by the specifiers.

All-Phase Concrete Construction, Inc. cast and picked 65 foot-tall panels – with numerous window openings – with ease. The panel faces were smooth and tight. The project was so successful it was nominated for the TCA 26th Annual Achievement Awards.

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SpecTilt 100 is a chemically reactive tilt-up bondbreaker specially engineered to provide a clean, easy lift of tilt-up panels. SpecTilt 100 contains no diesel, kerosene, waxes or silicones.



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