Thursday, Oct. 31st 2019

Share the Success: Duo Patch Form & Pour for a Unique Architectural Finish

Perhaps our most versatile product, our two-component, polymer modified “rock-star” repair mortar – Duo Patch – continues to lend itself to unique and creative applications. The latest coming from the Northwest, from Diamond Structures, Inc. out of Renton, WA, with an architectural application that really highlights the capabilities of this multi-purpose do-anything mortar.

Thirty-foot high vertical columns requiring resurfacing with a wooden-plank-stamped finish was the objective. The ability to easily mix to an ideal consistency, and the outstanding adhesive properties of our Duo Patch product, along with the systematic compatibility of our epoxy primer and form release, positioned SpecChem as an ideal manufacturing partner.


  • Existing columns uneven, not to spec
  • Required 1-2″ resurfacing, and an architectural face


  1. Properly profile the existing surface to CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) 3
  2. Apply our ASTM C881-compliant, high modulus SpecPoxy 2000 LPL long pot life epoxy bonding adhesive as a primer coat to ensure a solid, optimal bond
  3. Prepare concrete form face by utilizing cedar planks fastened onto face of the form liner
  4. Apply SpecStrip – our reactive form release agent – to the cedar plank form face to prevent bonding
  5. Use Duo Patch in a form-and-pour application to fill in the 30′ vertical column faces

The results speak for themselves. Durable, sharp columns, at an ideal consistency that really highlights the design aesthetic, and supported by a clean, architectural release from our SpecStrip form release agent.

Special thanks to Diamond Structures, Inc. for the opportunity to be a part of this project. It’s always exciting to see the diverse and creative applications utilizing our broad line of concrete repair and restoration mortars, along with the compatibility of our concrete systems and solutions.

Questions about our repair and restoration products?

Simply contact your local SpecChem Sales Representative with questions on how our cementitious repair products and accessories can add value to distributors, contractors, specifiers and project owners.

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