Monday, May. 6th 2019

Share the Success: Poly Fix® Concrete Repair at John Deere

Recently, SpecChem’s Midwest sales team teamed up with Ken Curry Construction, local distribution, and John Deere on an opportunity to put one of our latest innovations to the test. 

Poly Fix®, our two-component, ultra low-viscosity concrete repair binder was tested and approved for concrete floor repair and restoration at the John Deere Harvester Works plant in East Moline, IL. Poly Fix® proved to be an ideal solution to many of the problems that are bound to occur with heavily trafficked industrial and commercial floors.

First, its water-like consistency makes it perfect for penetrating hairline cracks to bind, seal, and repair. However, it can also be mixed with dry sand to repair spalls, control joints, pop-outs, and more. Applicators with Ken Curry Construction and maintenance management at the plant both cited the product’s versatility, fast set time, and ability to apply in cold weather as key features and benefits in getting the product approved. 

Additionally, Ken Curry Construction leveraged the workability and flow of our ASTM C928-compliant RepCon H-350 as a durable overlayment on damaged surfaces requiring tear out and repair throughout the facility.  Our single component, fiber reinforced, rapid-curing repair mortar – with its outstanding work time – resulted in a high strength industrial surface that could withstand heavy traffic while offering a quick return to service, minimizing downtime in the plant.

Finally, Rapid Flex CJ – our UV resistant, semi-rigid, rapid curing polyurea control joint filler – was used throughout the facility to fill and repair control joints. 

Download a PDF version of Share the Success: Poly Fix® Concrete Repair at John Deere

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