Wednesday, Jul. 15th 2020

SpecChem, LLC Adds New Sales Representative Firm in the Northeast

KANSAS CITY, MO, July 15, 2020 – SpecChem, LLC, industry leading supplier of quality concrete construction building materials, welcomes Satelite Sales to the SpecChem family. Rob Perrotta, Principal, and his team at Satelite Sales will be responsible for sales and service in the New York City & Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia markets.

“We’re excited about the addition of Satelite Sales to our existing team of Keith Fleming and Charlie Reber, and what it will mean to our growing momentum in the Northeast. This move is right in line with our strategy to continue investing in talented sales professionals to form deeper partnerships with our distributors and to aggressively take market share from our competition,” Greg Maday, Chairman & CEO of SpecChem.

“Over twenty-five years’ experience representing the construction building materials industry, along with an award-winning service model, make Rob and his team an ideal partner in a high-growth market where we are already poised for great things,” added Mike Shull, President, SpecChem.

Satelite Sales has been serving the construction industry in the Northeast since 1984. Satelite Sales has ten sales people dedicated to serving their customers and helping them grow their business. Satelite maintains a Northeast warehouse in Newark, New Jersey.  

SpecChem, LLC

SpecChem is a Kansas City-based manufacturer supplying the concrete distributor network with high quality, industry-leading concrete construction materials. SpecChem offers a full line of liquid chemical technologies, including form release agents, paving and curing compounds, finishing aids, cures & hardeners, bond breakers, sealers, bonding agents and surface retarders, as well as an array of cleaning and stripping products.

Additionally, SpecChem has a line of epoxy products that include adhesive bonding agents, epoxy sealers and coatings, and high-strength epoxy mortars and grouts. 

SpecChem now offers an asphalt patching, waterproofing, and damp proofing line of products designed to patch, repair, and protect asphalt surfaces, along with asphalt emulsion coatings for waterproofing, damp proofing and protecting a variety of surfaces on exterior below grade and between-slab applications.

Finally, SpecChem’s comprehensive line of cementitious grouts, repair mortars, underlayments and overlayments, and specialty concrete accessories round out an extensive line-up designed to provide quality, innovation, and value to distributors, specifiers, and contractors. 

Please visit http://www.specchemllc.com for more on SpecChem, LLC.


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