Asphalt Patching, Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing

Our Max-A-Guard line includes products designed to patch, repair, and protect asphalt surfaces, along with asphalt emulsion coatings for waterproofing, damp-proofing and protecting a variety of surfaces on exterior below grade and between-slab applications.

Max-A-Patch ACP®

High-performance asphalt cold patch

A high quality, pre-mixed, all-weather, permanent asphalt cold patch and the right choice for all types of pavement repair jobs. 


Max-A-Seal DP®

Non-fibered emulsion coating & air/vapor barrier damp-proofing system

A non-fibered emulsion coating designed for ASTM D1227, Type III specification. This material is an asphalt emulsion with selected solloids to formulate a damp-proofing coating. 


Max-A-Seal WP®

Modified emulsion waterproofing coating

An anionic emulsion that is a latex modified emulsion. This material is an emulsion with colloids and polymers to formulate a waterproofing coating.


Max-A-Tack TTC®

Trackless tack coat emulsion

Anionic trackless tack coat emulsion that is used primarily as a tack coat. This product can also be diluted 10% with water and used as a fog seal. 


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